I first realized that my gas oven had a particular size, much like what I had seen in other homes. Mine was more of a brunette and I liked my model, but now I wanted to try out a more professional model, maybe a blonde but a little thicker in the mid section for a fifth burner for those emergency situations where I need to cook a multiple course meal at the same time, reducing my cooking time as a whole. By this time my coveted motives were now in full swing. I felt like an adulterous partner looking at other merchandise, stealing eye candy where I could to satisfy my culinary urges, but to be fair my partner was doing the same thing, so I felt justified.

What size is your opening for your gas oven? The typical gas oven width is 30 inches wide, 36 inches high, and 25 inches deep, but not all openings are equal. If your space is something other than the normal dimensions, don’t worry, they all come in different shapes and sizes, just like your mom. Also keep into account that the oven handle will stick out a couple of inches. If you measure and your oven and it is only 20 inches wide, don’t worry we have ovens that will fit your compact yet powerful gas oven space. After all, it isnt how big your appliance is but how you use it that separates the men from the boys.

Measure your current oven space and get back here to pick out your aesthetics.