Buying Guide

As I sit staring at my raw, non-cooked, still cold casserole that seemed to taunt me, as if it was defiantly stating, “Not today,” after I had put it in the oven just 20 minutes earlier, I groaned at the thought of how badly this was putting me behind an already tight schedule. My old oven had broken down, thrown in the towel, and took its final bow. It was as if my oven committed suicide behind my back, leaping off a twelve story building to be free of its life of slavery with me as its master chef and ultimately shattering my dreams of warm home cooked bread, soft yet firm chocolate chip cookies, and even a stupid cooked tuna casserole! It was time for me to purchase a new gas oven and I was not sure where to even start. I was lost even frightened to purchase something that would be a permanent addition to my kitchen, looking on the internet as if for a mail order bride, because no doubt about it, this is going to be a intimate relationship between me and my gas range. Now before I went into a full blown panic attack over nothing, I researched my butt off until I understood exactly what I was getting myself into. The proceeding research is a culmination of my efforts understand the gas oven world, from ranges to stove stops, and stainless steel to black aesthetics. From the cheapest deals of low price clearance gas ovens that were on sale to the best professional yet affordable gas ovens that you could purchase. Now to dimensions!