Your options for aesthetics are as follows: Stainless steel, Black, White, & Paneling. Of course black and white is the standard color for all gas ovens and stainless steel is an easy to wipe down yet classy look for kitchens, with the high end aesthetics being the paneling options. Really what you are trying to decide is whether to match your current appliance colors or replace them all to match your new stainless steel oven. If things are starting to feel materialistic or trivial, dont, just keep in mind you are the one who has to live with this gas oven day in and day out. You are going to be the one that presses its buttons and turning up the heat to prepare works of art and nurture your hard working self and potentially a few freeloaders. You might as well look good doing it!

Keep in mind with each finish there are benefits to each one.


  • Darker Tone Color Pallette for the clandestine kitchen.
  • Easier to spot spills and dirty areas for better cleaning.
  • While cooking your pots and pans pop on the stark black background of your gas oven.


  • Brighter tone color pallette for the natural kitchen
  • Harder to see fingerprints, streaks, and smuges
  • Tends to have a more clean look

Stainless Steel

  • Provides a more modern and contemporary look
  • The monochromatic color matches any kitchen color scheme
  • Easy clean up and more durable shine


  • For the more prestigious kitchens
  • Used for hiding your appliances and matching cabinets
  • Warming drawer tends to be paneled
  • Seamless design

I decided on a stainless steel design that required swapping out my other appliances, but it was so worth it. It really gave my kitchen a pop and shine, not to mention it was easier to clean without eroding the enamel like the coatings of black and white ovens. But enough about aesthetics, lets talk about features.